Lara Gabrielle reads an excerpt from Captain of Her Soul.
Alta Live with author Lara Gabrielle, William Randolph Hearst, III and Bill Deverell, Professor of History at the University of Southern California.
“Watching Classic Movies” podcast with Lara Gabrielle and Kendahl Cruver.
Interview at New Books Network with Lara Gabrielle and Dr. Carmen Gomez-Galisteo, Professor at Centro de Educación Superior de Enseñanza e Investigación Educativa.
“From the Bookshelf” with Lara Gabrielle and Gary Shapiro.
“Proud Stutter” videocast, with Lara Gabrielle, Maya Chupkov and Nina G.
“Ticklish Business” podcast, with Lara Gabrielle, Kristen Lopez and Samantha Ellis.
“Richard Skipper Celebrates The Release of Captain of Her Soul,” with Lara Gabrielle and Richard Skipper.
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